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UPDATED PVAHA Statement on Invitational Tournaments and Rosters for the 2020–2021 Hockey Season

11/09/2020, 11:00am EST
By PVAHA Board of Directors

UPDATE —PVAHA will only sanction Invitational Tournaments (or special sanctioned events) that will be played within the Affiliate (DC, MD, and VA) through the completion of USA Hockey Youth National Championship tournaments.

These sanctions will only be granted to Tournaments comprised of USA Hockey teams registered within PVAHA. No teams from outside the Affiliate may participate in any Invitational Tournament games held prior to the completion of USA Hockey Youth National Championship tournaments. Any Invitational Tournament sanctioned to play games within PVAHA before the completion of USA Hockey Youth National Championship tournaments must send a listing of all teams participating in the Tournament to the appropriate Affiliate Associate Registrar at least 15 days before the start of the tournament. 

If any team or association elects to travel outside of the Affiliate to play in a tournament it is the obligation of the association and the team’s coaches to determine that the tournament is indeed a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. Participation in a non-USA Hockey tournament or event by a team or association will result in a denial of any USA Hockey insurance coverage for any players, coaches or associations for that event.

Participation in a non-USA Hockey sanctioned tournament or event may also result in disciplinary action including suspension of any team coaches and ineligibility of the team(s) to advance to any Affiliate, Southeastern District or USA Hockey Championship. The PVAHA Board of Directors will continue to review developments on COVID-19 within the District of Columbia, the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia and make additional policy statements as needed.

Affiliate Associate Registrars (Beth Lenz and Bob Otte) have been approving rosters as of August 15, 2020. It is the obligation of the association and any team coaches to ensure that any team instruction, practices and/or games comply with current State, District of Columbia or local jurisdiction guidelines and mandatory requirements, whichever apply, on participation in recreational or youth sports and/or facility restrictions. Teams traveling outside of PVAHA to play USA Hockey games in another state must comply with guidelines and mandatory requirements of that state or local jurisdiction. USA Hockey insurance does not cover or include the risks and dangers of illness or sickness and any disease, virus or infection, including the virus responsible for COVID-19 and any similar viruses or infections like COVID-19

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