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American Development Model

2 and 2 Challenge - Comprehensive Growth Program

USA Hockey's comprehensive growth program is back! Helps Associations: Retain more players; Attract new families; Convert more kids to youth hockey. Free starter equipment sets!

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PVAHA Mite ADM Rules for 2013–2014


USA Hockey, in partnership with the National Hockey League, has developed and approved the ADM philosophy which includes criteria for the 8 & Under Mites. Follow the links above to the ADM Kids web site and the Red While Blue Brochure.

Effective the 2013-2014 playing season, USA Hockey has designated cross-ice or half-ice as the age appropriate standard playing surface for the 8 & Under age level. All games and scrimmages at the 8U age level shall be played either cross-ice or half-ice, or on a surface that is equal to or less than the dimensions of cross-ice or half-ice. All Associations are expected to be knowledgeable of Mite ADM Guidelines and shall follow Mite ADM — Red, White and Blue Hockey for players age 8 and under. PVAHA will dedicate funds to cover ice cost for a number of cross-ice Mite jamborees (PVAHA Pond) and for ice dividers and smaller nets. Associations may apply to the Affiliate for a grant to support ice cost for cross-ice jamborees, dividers and nets.

15.1 Mite — General: Mite teams shall play cross ice or half ice games, and follow the ADM guidelines for practice/game ratios. Beginning the 2013–2014 playing season, Associations that fail to follow the USA Hockey requirement that all games at the 8 & Under age level be played on cross-ice or half-ice will be ineligible to advance any Association teams to State, Affiliate, Southeastern District or USA Hockey National Championship. Associations that fail to follow the USA Hockey requirement of cross-ice or half-ice games will also be ineligible for any Affiliate Grants.

15.2 Cross-Ice/Half-Ice Mite Games: Cross-ice and/or half-ice games played within the Affiliate may have team coaches serving as referees for those cross ice/half ice games. Associations playing cross-ice/half-ice games are also free to arrange for USA Hockey officials through normal procedures in scheduling officials. Blue pucks are to be used for all Mite games. Programs may play cross ice/half ice mite games as 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 plus goalies. The objective of cross-ice/half-ice Mite games should be skill development and fun for the players. Scores and standings should not be kept for cross-ice/half-ice Mite games.

15.3 Mite Cross-Ice/Half-Ice Partnerships: Associations/clubs are encouraged to form partnerships with other local associations/clubs to hold Mite jamborees and to avoid any excessive mite travel to participate in games. Associations/clubs participating in cross ice/half ice mite games or jamborees should match skill levels to best promote the skill development of mite age players.

15.4 Affiliate ADM Review: PVAHA shall review Mite ADM rules and policies on an annual basis and encourages Associations to submit Mite-level performance reports to the Affiliate at the end of each playing season. The Affiliate shall appoint an ADM Coordinator. The Affiliate ADM Coordinator shall form an ADM Committee made up of knowledgeable Association head coaches to make recommendations to the Affiliate and to advise the Affiliate on ADM questions or issues.

15.5 Mite Age Players Playing Up: Starting the 2013–2014 playing season, USA Hockey has mandated that the appropriate playing surface for 8 & Under players is cross-ice or half-ice. It is the Affiliate policy that all players 8 & Under shall participate on teams registered at the 8 & Under age classifications. The Affiliate will not recognize any roster, Squirt or above, that includes any players in the 8 & Under age classification. The USA Hockey Associate Registrar will reject any rosters, Squirt or above, that include any 8 & Under age players.