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Maryland 16U American Standings

Standings and Results as of January 29th

2 Teams

Tomorrows Ice will play the 1st seed in the American Conference to determine the 4th the 16U tournament

Rule, and

Play in game schedule

Howard wins the division by tiebreaker 1.f (Period Points) and plays Tomorrows Ice Thursday Feb 29 at 7:10 PM, Ice World

Maryland 16U American Standings

16U MD Games Played Wins Losses Ties Points Seed
Howard Huskies 2 1 1 2 4 Play In
Navy Youth Hockey 2 1 1 2

Maryland 16U American Schedule and Results

Date Time Away Away Score Home Home Score Rink Game#
2023-11-19 09:40 Navy Youth Hockey 6 Howard Huskies 4 Columbia Ice Rink 16UAA65
2024-01-21 17:00 Howard Huskies 3 Navy Youth Hockey 1 McMullen Hockey Arena 16UAA115